• Be up for every sunrise with no glass or glasses on in front of eyes. Infrared light for melatonin production sunrise to 9am.
  • Get skin in 10-3pm sun.  Vitamin D for prevention of most diseases of the western world. Try the D-MINDER APP
  • Eat seafood many times a week. Anti inflammatory. Good fats.
  • Grass fed meats in abundance
  • No grain – includes pasta bread rice
  • Avoid nightshades – tomato capsicum eggplant ; see Anti Inflammatory Protocol
  • Eat seasonal vegetables – no summer veg in winter
  • No more than one fruit a day ONLY SEASONAL no bananas in winter
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  • Use IRIS software HERE
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  • Image 8-9-2022 at 10.34 amfrom the Dr Jack Kruse web site; subscribe to his patreon blog