Why is the term LAPTOP dangerous?

Read my Quora Digest answer on how to use a “laptop” computer efficiently. Posture, neck pain, ergonomics, screens, how does all this relate to the ubiquitous “laptop”. 
Portable PC is a better term. Do you really want that hotbox on your lap anyway?

Whoever named this ubiquitous device a “laptop” should be.. um… told of the damage they have done to promote bad posture and muscle tension.
It is a portable computer. Choose NOT to use it on your lap, is my advice.
It should be used as much as possible standing and not just sitting. When sitting it can be placed on the lap for a short time in situations of urgency.
Otherwise, place it high enough at eye level to use the keyboard with elbows around 90º.
Ideally, in long term use, try the following:
  • plug in a bigger monitor (or raise the “laptop” onto a box/platform/big book, at eye level
  • shift the colours to the red side of the spectrum (I use a program called Iris) as its better for brain and eyes
  • connect external keyboard in order to raise the existing screen up to eye level which decreases neck strain
  • connect an external track ball so you dont have to move a mouse and this eases the wrist into neutral position (think thumb up and inward)
  • Here is my (un)patented tip: use a left handed trackpad or mouse to even out upper limb stress and balance left and right brain input (I have no evidence of this benefit but i like the concept)
The above will catapult your productivity beyond measure; but above all will ease postural stress incredibly.
Watch that book get written now!!