• The Basic AO certification is a 2 day program
  • The Advanced AO certification is offered in USA.
  • Book in your seminar HERE (coming soon)
  • BOOK YOUR MEMBERSHIP HERE after completion of the basic seminar. (coming soon)
  • Should you require any information please contact Seminar leader Dr. Joe Ierano on 0418 435 392
  • CAA Continuing Professional Development has awarded this seminar 13 FLA credits for the TWO DAY program.
  • The basic certification program taught directly from the book written by Dr Roy W. Sweat of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (based on the programs of Dr John Grostic).
Over this two day certification with AO Australia, chiropractors will cover the following subject matter :
Module 1: Radiographic placement procedures
  • Radiographic technology, alignment, and positioning.
  • Overview, History and philosophy of Upper Cervical: from Palmer to Sweat
  • Practical radiographic positioning workshop: lateral and AP cervical, cranio-cervical, APOM
  • Clinical case studies, radiographic positioning workshop
Module 2: Radiographic analysis procedures
  • Roentgenometrics: Analysis with lines and angles.
  • A biomechanical approach to an energy-driven system
  • Radiographic analysis for AO
  • Practical radiographic analysis workshop, subluxation patterns
  • Clinical case studies, radiographic variants and pathology,
  • Right handed Cartesian co-ordinate system principles
Module 3: Examination and patient placement procedures
  • Leg length inequality research
  • Cervical spine anatomy & palpation
  • Practical leg check, palpation, patient placement workshop
  • Clinical case studies & risk management (informed consent)
Module 4: Instrument adjusting, post-adjustive procedures
  • Biomechanics of the upper cervical spine
  • What is the type of joint in the atlas complex?
  • Co-efficient of friction of the joint surfaces?
  • Rotary breaks procedure
  • Neurology of the upper cervical spine, chiropractic theoretical science
  • Practical instrument adjusting workshop
  • Clinical cases & risk management
Chiropractors are required to re-certify in this technique every 2 years.  Please contact Joe Ierano to discuss your requirements on 0418 435 392

Note: All proceeds go to a humanitarian project for research in ATLAS ORTHOGONAL health care.


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